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Why UTC Is Important

In America today, over 40% of children are born to a fatherless household. Together, WE can transform our families and community!

UNLOCK THE CHAMPION is a leading national life-skills and leadership development organization providing executive coaching, leadership and program development, and training for current and future leaders in our communities. Our goal is to redefine the norms in our society by empowering people with tools to “know their worth and lead with values.” We call it our 4 L’s:








Some Of UTC's

90+ Plus Clients

We also partner with organizations and individuals to create national campaigns that raise awareness about healthy relationships on a larger scale. These activities allow us to spread our message of hope and wholeness, as well as to develop spokespeople for the issue who are also role models to men and boys.

We offer: Keynote presentations, life-skills workshops, consultation, and training for groups or individuals. These services include introductory workshops, multi-day training sessions, and long-term community initiatives and customized programming.

Our partners: Founded in 2011, UNLOCK THE CHAMPION has worked across the country to develop and shape the men in our community. Over the last three years, we have:

Worked with the ACC to assess the life-skills and leadership development programs for their student-athletes,
Provided education and digital tools to more than 30,000 students and their parents in Williamson County, TN.
Worked with local, state, and national organizations including All Pro Dad, YMCA, the Mayor of Nashville, PTA of Tennessee, AARP, and the Family Research Council. We are honored to serve our military families in partnership with the Real Warriors campaign, and have provided support services to current and former NFL players and their families through our partnership with the National Football League, and the NFL Players Association.

Our impact in society: UNLOCK THE CHAMPION acknowledges that the main causes of broken homes, divorce, domestic violence, and abuse against women stem from unhealthy beliefs and stereotypes that boys and men have accepted as reality. We provide men and boys with tools to understand themselves, and how to foster genuine respect for those around them. We partner with schools, universities, corporations, government agencies, military, and communities to be a voice to end domestic violence and to strengthen families.

We see men playing a vital role in making things right in our community. We see men as servant leaders that should love, honor, and respect everyone. We see men as beacons of hope to bring healing, safety, and assurance to girls and women who have been victims in the past. We see men as role models for boys who skillfully and intentionally show generations to come how to love and lead your family with integrity, love, and respect.

We accomplish this through our training and educational sessions, which lay the groundwork from which men and boys can begin to apply these tools to their lives. Research has shown that youth that are college- or career-ready are less likely to start a family prematurely. We start the process with them in the way that we know engages men and youth. We simply invite them to enhance their self awareness so they can choose what path they should take in life and in their career.

We go to where men are, whether that is the class room, the football field, or the boardroom, and while we are there we give them the tools and support they need to change. We connect with males from all walks of life and offer services that fit with what they need, ranging from an intensive 3-day training to a 2-hour workshop.



UNLOCK THE CHAMPION started as a conviction in the heart of Freddie Scott II, former NFL Player and Certified NFL Ambassador & Transition Coach. Freddie was looking for ways to empower men with tools to engage their children more effectively.

After writing his book, The Dad I Wish I Had, Freddie was honored to have Super Bowl-winning coach Tony Dungy write the books’ foreword. Shortly afterwards, Tony’s organization, All Pro Dad, asked him to be one of their national spokesman to address the importance of men and fathers in our homes. Freddie then began working with the NFL and its current and former players as a certified Transition Coach and Ambassador, as he saw the impact that a father or mentor has in the life of other men. Seeing God move in the hearts of these elite athletes inspired him to take the conversation from the locker room, to the community.

Freddie then began conducting workshops for the NFL Players Association as a part of their national tour to engage the former players and their families to deal with issues transitioning to life after football, and providing them with tools for effective communication to reduce conflict and divorce. It has been amazing to see the enthusiasm and support for UNLOCK THE CHAMPION as we continue to address a wide range of social issues that impact young men and families.

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