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College Outreach Program

Cultivating Student Success On and Off the Field.

The Problem

Many students suffer from

A Disengaged Mindset

A Lack of Developmental Programs & Resources

A Culture of Mediocrity

The Solution

The UTC Developmental System

Diagnostic Survey (Program & Student)

Customized Program Design

Leader Development & Campus Programming

Online Virtual Coaching

Post Assessment to Measure Impact

Some Of UTC's

90+ Plus Clients

Unlock The Champion in Your Students

Core Values & Character

Communication & Conflict

Freshman Success

Healthy Relationships

Leadership & Accountability

Senior Transition

Strong Relationships

"I believe in strengthening relationships to see desired results, which is why I have continued to work with Freddie Scott for the past five years and have brought him on board to work strategically with our campus partners. His authenticity and intentionality meshed well with my leadership style. He speaks our student-athletes language,  has a highly respectable pedigree that our student-athletes recognize, and is an expert on various topics."

 Ashley Wechter, Associate Athletic Director, Wake Forest

Growth & Development

"Freddie's exceptional ability to facilitate impactful workshops has provided invaluable opportunities for growing student-athlete development within the ACC. Whether leading student-athletes or administrators/coaches, Freddie's content and delivery always hits the audience right where it's needed the most. The partnership between the ACC and Unlock the Champion has become a game changer within collegiate student-athlete development.

Shamaree T. Brown Sr., Director, Student-Athlete Programs and Compliance, ACC

Character & Commitment

"Freddie was very engaging with our football team and provided timely and well received message on Character and Commitment. The University of North Carolina would gladly welcome Freddie back to our campus to speak to our football student-athletes again."

Corey Holliday, Associate Athletic Director of Football Administration, University of North Carolina

Execution Excellence

"Freddie did an outstanding job presenting to our Future Football Coaches at the AFA Convention. I believe it's the first time I've ever heard a group ask to stay and continue working with Freddie versus going to their next session! The information he provided was relevant, practical, and his presentation style was very engaging. I would not hesitate to invite him back to speak at other programs we conduct."

Ron Brewer, Assistant Director of Leadership Development, NCAA


Our Program Pricing

(+Travel Stipend)

  • Select 1 of the following for your visit:
    • Peer to Peer Leadership Training session for selected students
    • Champions Path Career & Transition Workshop for Sophomores & graduating students
    • Team Leadership/Culture Talk
  • Optional: Annual Licensing to Champions Path Workbooks, Discussion Materials, and Student Needs Assessments


  • Pick 3 of the following for your visit:
    • Leadership Mastermind session with selected students
    • Champions Path Career & Transition Workshop
    • Team Leadership/Culture Talk
    • Campus Keynotes/Workshops
    • Strategic Planning Workshop
  • Pre & Post Assessment (included)
  • FREE Subscription to Think Like a Champion (included)
  • Travel (included)


  • Multiple Campus Visits (Base price for 2 minimum visits)
  • Each visit includes 3 of the following:
    • Leadership Mastermind session with students
    • Team Leadership/Culture Talk
    • Champions Path Career & Transition Workshop
    • Campus Keynotes/Workshops
    • Strategic Planning Workshop
  • Pre & Post Assessment (included)
  • Ongoing Virtual Coaching (included)
  • FREE Subscription to Think Like a Champion (included)
  • Preferred Date Requests
  • Travel (included)

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