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Starting Small to Do Big Things

We all want to be successful and happy. We want to get everything in life, reach our goals, and live large. But achieving this takes time and effort.

In order to accomplish big goals or do big things, you first need to begin doing small things that will lead you to your overall goal. Once you start with the small things, you automatically create “if-then” scenarios that will cause great things to happen for you and take you to your next level. 

The following is the story of the owner of the magazine ‘Shattered’. She shares her success story of achieving something big by starting small. The magazine’s first issue came in 2013, and since then, has been catching the attention of a large audience.

The publisher’s success story began three years after the death of her mother. She wanted to do something big that would help people. She felt as if God was signalling her or calling her to do something good for society.

Initially, she had no clue about what her work would end up looking like. She started by writing a blog which required no financial investment. Later, the blog turned into an online magazine known as “Magooeys”. Though this was just a start, she felt this was not the ultimate thing God wanted her to do.

After some time, she again changed her online magazine’s name to ‘Shattered”. She now believed that this was the ultimate work God wanted her to do. She was confident about its success and that God would bless it. On the day of the relaunch of the magazine, she was very nervous, standing outside and looking up to the sky she prayed. 

As she prayed, she felt as if God was looking down upon her and telling her that this is not all that He wanted and that there was more. God told her to have more patience. Something bigger and better than she could ever dream was about to come now.  He was stretching her through His guidance and teaching and He would sustain her. She had to work and wait while remaining steadfast in faith.

About three months later, their total sales were just 15 subscribers. This was a huge disappointment for her, especially since she believed God had promised her success. Nevertheless, she remained determined to reach her goals and did not quit. Instead, she turned to God and asked Him about the matter and why this was happening. She prayed daily for guidance and greater success.

It was during this time she realized that she needed to learn how to create an infrastructure to handle the projected growth which would allow her to reach her goals. Focusing on her 15 subscribers taught her valuable business lessons and helped her develop a system of customer service. She realized that the delay in growth was really an opportunity to focus on the little things that were necessary to build a system that could handle growth and success. 

Therefore, to do something big, you need to start small. Don’t get caught up in where you are not. Focus on being a good steward of where you are now.

Unlock the Champion is here to help individuals, businesses, and teams achieve the biggest successes by providing the right insight and guidance to focus on the little things. We offer executive coaching services through training, consultation, and keynote presentations, as well as life skills workshops to help individuals improve their mindset and achieve success.

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