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Building Equity in Your Relationships


Relationships are a lot like bank accounts. They go through a series of deposits and withdrawals, with the daily balance reflecting where things currently stand. If you’re not careful, you can end up with overdraft charges because of insufficient funds in your relationship account. Many people worry about the status of their relational bank account as Valentine’s Day draws near, but can improve their situation with a couple of tools from our executive coaches.

Unlock The Champion is here to provide the tools to help current and future leaders to lead authentically and thrive in their purpose. Our company is a leading performance and leadership development company, offering strategic planning and executive coaching to help our clients succeed at the corporate and personal level. Each relationship is unique, and requires the right approach for success.

One point we drive home in our leadership programs and workshops is the positive aspect of relational equity with loved ones and peers. February focuses on healthy relationships, which is why we’ll discuss three steps to help you improve your relational equity. 

Step 1 – Assess Your Balance

Where does your relationship stand right now? What’s the overall health of your relationship? These assessments are important in finding a starting point and understanding just how high the account stands. Does your relationship account have a high balance with great engagement, healthy and positive conversations, and quality time spent together? Investing in these ‘deposits’ can help to create a happier and more comfortable dynamic, with more positive transactions to come. 

Is your relationship functional but not growing? A static balance can indicate concerns. Are you concerned that your relationship is now in the red with a negative balance? A variety of sources can cause such hurt in the relationship, creating a very hefty imbalance that can strain even the healthiest accounts. It’s important to put your relationship in the green, as well as determining what you want out of your relationship.

Step 2 – Decide What You Want

How important is this individual to you? Are you willing to put in consistent effort and dedication on your end to make this relationship work? It’s important to visualize what you want in the dynamic, and whether it’s worth it to you to put in the effort. Take a moment to think about the vision you want for your relationship and how important the person is to you. 

Now is the time to determine where you want your relationship to be versus where it currently stands. Are you ready to make more deposits and strive to reduce any negative withdrawals? Are there any patterns known to impact your relational equity? If any problems are present, it falls on you to determine the best approach to keep your account full moving forward.

Step 3 – Make Deposits Daily

Maintaining a loving relationship is no simple feat, but it does help immensely to focus on making deposits daily into your relational account. Be consistent in sharing your love, support, and validation with this person. Remember to include a variety of positive shows of love, including text messages, emails, and little notes to let them know you’re thinking about them. Stick to this approach to help your relationship equity, and don’t forget to continue investing in your dynamic to maintain a healthy account.

Your approach to deposits should focus on caring for this person and making them feel special. Block out all important dates you share together on the calendar, and make reminders to yourself to schedule reservations at their favorite restaurant, pick up a gift, or any show of love to highlight how much you care. Proactive steps can set you up for success, so be sure to plan ahead moving forward; you can do this!

Unlock Your Champion Today!

The right tools can help you to achieve success within your relationship. Unlock The Champion offers national leadership development programs, team building workshops, and college outreach programs to empower people to unlock their champion and thrive with a positive and caring mindset. We offer services such as our Leadership Mastermind to help you dial in your career and connect with your core values. Here, individuals work with our executive coaches to create a personal playbook tailored to help each client find their own success.

We believe in strengthening relationships at all levels of life to achieve equitable partnerships. Be sure to put in the effort to improve your relational equity this month, and contact us today if you have any questions about our programs. We look forward to speaking with you!