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7 Ways to Help You Build a Healthy Relationship


Breaking bad habits can be hard, we know. Maintaining a healthy relationship can also be hard. When it comes to healthy relationships, many people cite frustration in trying to figure out the best approach in doing things right. We all get into our grooves, and sometimes, these can include habits which damage our relationships with others or block the ability to grow together.

Unlock the Champion believes in living authentically and doing things with heart and the right mind set. Our Leadership Mastermind program relies on executive coaching to help students and coaches succeed with the right life skills and the right mindset.

If you’re struggling to find a way to build and maintain healthy relationships, keep reading for our seven tips, then be sure to learn more about why UTC is important. We’re here to help mold future leaders!

1 – Assess Your Relationship

The first step in working toward a healthy relationship (or walking away from a toxic one) is to assess where you currently stand. Try to rate your relationship on a scale from 1–10, with 10 being perfect and 1 signifying serious issues. Be sure to think long and hard about your spouse or loved one and the impact they have had in your life. Does your wife or husband make you feel confident and intelligent or belittled and worthless? Try to find a number which truly resonates with your current relationship.

2 – Is This Important?

Before you begin to take steps to improve your relationship, it is vitally important to take some time to reflect on the importance of your dynamic. Ask yourself honestly how you feel about this individual and how much they mean to you. If you decide that it is not important to have a healthy relationship, then keep in mind that you won’t be willing to put in the work and effort to achieve your goal.

3 – Start With the Heart

If you decide this person is important and worth the journey, it is important to gauge how you really feel about them. Remind yourself of why you fell in love and why this individual is so valuable in your life. It can help to center yourself around these thoughts, creating a positive and intentional mindset to improve your relationship. If you’re actively aware of how amazing this person is and how much they mean to you, then you will be much better able to communicate in a caring, loving manner.

4 – Be Intentional

Now is the time to get to work. Be intentional in your relationship. Each week, find one thing in your relationship to improve upon. The goal isn’t to be perfect. The goal is to make progress. While you and your partner are working together to improve your relationship, be mindful of any bad habits which may be affecting your productivity. Poor communication, anger, and a lack of forgiveness can all impact how we all talk to each other. If an issue has plagued your relationship for a while now, we recommend being intentional in laying the groundwork for a happier future.

5 – Ask for Feedback

A relationship is the culmination of dedication and love created by two people. You can ask your spouse about how they view the relationship and one thing that they would like to see improve in your dynamic. This approach can build communication skills, helping each individual to express how they feel in a way that is caring and encouraging, not spiteful or damaging. Once you two get in the habit of receiving feedback, you should be better able to address future issues and avoid serious setbacks.

6 – Assess Your Progress

Once all of these steps have been completed, the next step is to measure your progress. Go through on a regular basis to assess your weekly goals, including what you did well and what still needs improvement. Nobody should expect success on the first try, which is why continual check-ins can help to make the process easier. Be sure to assess your initial scale rating and compare it to your current measurement to see if your relationship has improved.

7 – Repeat the Process

The truth is that going through these efforts one time will not be enough to warrant lasting change. The key to success is to be intentional in your actions on a regular basis, building consistency and stability to allow the relationship to grow. Healthy relationships depend on all of the previous steps on a regular basis. Putting in the effort to do so won’t be easy, but if you’re as sure about this relationship as you decided in point two, then every action will help to generate an outcome that the both of you love.

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