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Whose words are big in your ears?


In everyone’s life, there are some people whose words remain big in your ears. These are the people who influence your life in many ways. It is impossible that you live your entire life without the influence of anybody. At some point in time, you would have definitely come across someone who influenced your life and whose words you still remember.

According to some Developmental psychologists, the earliest and most lasting influences come from our families and caretakers. Those of us who are lucky enough to be raised in good environments surrounded by loving and attentive people tend to develop psychological defences. They provide just the right amount of protection against negative outside influences. At times, some thoughtless comments by parents are like long-acting post-hypnotic suggestions. Moreover, other times we spend the rest of our lives teasing- out the truth about what we were told by our parents. We also discover how we were influenced to think about ourselves as we grew up.

Moreover, teachers and neighbours also influence our self-concepts. While in adolescence we get influenced by our peers and fellows to a great extent. In this age everyone wants to be a part of the “in-group,” accepted and admired. The people in the communities and societies we live in also influence us. Among the community and society, there would have been some people whose words have remained big in your ears even after a long time has passed. The people who belong to the sub-societies of religion, class, and ethnicity have influenced us as well.

Parents and elders advise their children to stay away from ‘’bad’’ people. But at an early age, it is difficult to know that some people might have a hurtful influence on us and others a positive influence. It is as we mature ourselves we are able to choose friends and mentors who influence us to be our most expressive, creative and loving. In adulthood conscious choice becomes important so the choice is itself is important. Those who have a more interactive life benefit from ‘choice’ to a great extent. We should only allow those to influence us who are skilled in advising us and clearly devoted to our well-being. This will be possible once recognize the power of our own inner wisdom. It is a wise decision to allow your inner guidance to influence you. You can embrace your inner wisdom through the practice of your spiritual beliefs by recognizing the gifts of Divine Intelligence. Spiritual connection plays a significant role in influencing life.

Influential people in your life shape your life in positive and negative ways respectively. The person who influences you or whose words should remain big in your ears should help you grow and improve professionally every day as well as personally. Such a person need not be very popular or on who has a large number of followers. In today’s world, you have a great about your friends and fellows who will influence you. So be careful about listening to them, pray to God for your problems and seek His guidance. In this way, you will not regret about the person whose words remained big in your ears and influenced your life.