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Why your relationship is stuck

“Everything’s intentional. It’s just filling in the dots.” – David Byrne Take a moment and think of the relationships in your life that need your attention. If we are honest, most of us can think of a few areas that need improvement. In order to become influential in any relationship, you need to be intentional.…

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Essential Relationships That Will Change Your Life

One of my mentors, Dr. Scott Makin, created an amazing resource that can help you identify the types of relationships that you may need in order to be a more well-rounded person. There are various styles of relationships, which provide significant experiences that will build into your life, especially if there have been emotional scars…

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10 Verbal Villains: What parents should never say

Have you ever attempted to open up to someone only to feel jumped on because rather than they listen to you, they jumped to try to fix the situation rather than simply listen to you? We have all done this at some point. When someone comes to us with a problem, many times we try…

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